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Eyes here for some energy-saving tips!
03/11/2023 date posted

Homes that are energy-efficient require less energy to heat, cool, and operate appliances and electronics. See the comparison between a High power consuming and an Energy efficient Living room. Using inverter and LED technology, a typical household can save at least P500 a month!

Ang SURSECO-I Karun live at Real Radio FM Bislig!
03/09/2023 date posted

Ang SURSECO-I Karun live at Real Radio FM Bislig!

Feeder 2 Line Activities
03/08/2023 date posted

Feeder 2 Line Activities
Our team from the Construction and System Improvement Section (CSIS) successfully conducted the replacement of rotten crossarm and guy & anchor relocation at San Roque, Bislig City. The line activity caused the power interruption affecting the entire Feeder 2, as scheduled.
Power was restored at 1:15PM which is later than scheduled due to unforeseen technical issues.
Thank you team!

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