How To Become A Member


1. The applicants must first attend the Pre-Membership seminar as scheduled every Thursday for Bislig-I and Lingig District at Mangagoy Sub-Office, every Friday for Bislig- II and Hinatuan District at Main Office, and every Wednesday for Barobo and Tagbina District at Barobo Sub-Office.

2. The applicant signs the application for membership and complies with the basic requirements such as;

  • Latest residence certificate

  • ID picture (1×1)

  • PhP 5.00 for the Membership Fee

  • PhP 200.00 for the Consumer Deposit for residential consumers

3. The applicant signs the Agreement for Electric Service
4. The applicant is issued an ID card bearing his name and picture.

For joint husband and wife membership, only one ID card is issued (bearing pictures and signatures of both spouses) to authenticate membership in the Cooperative. Joint membership- applicable to all legally married partners; counted as one (1) vote in all affairs of the Coop.

5. The applicant is issued a Certificate of Membership