How to Apply for Service Connection


1. Is your house away from the nearest SURSECO-I pole with a secondary line?

Before starting any wiring installation and to avoid unnecessary expenses, please see if there are electric lines and poles in your vicinity and with underbuilt and secondary service line.

If there are none, consult our Technical Services Department at San Fernando, Bislig City with telephone number 853-7010/6096.

2. Does your application

  • Exceed 8,000 watts in total?

  • Need a three-phase supply? or

  • Require a service voltage other than 220 volts?

(when in doubt, you can consult a licensed electrical practitioner)

If yes, you need to apply for a separate transformer and will be required to put up a deposit for such. Please see our Technical Services personnel.

3. Do you have a previous connection with SURSECO-I that was disconnected and has unpaid account?

If yes, you will be required to settle all previous unpaid bills and arrears. You can pay directly through any of our collection offices.

4. Have you ever been apprehended by SURSECO-I or is currently being charged in court by SURSECO-I for electricity pilferage?

If yes, SURSECO-I has the legal right to deny service to any person or entity who has violated R.A. 7832 (Anti-Pilferage Act.)


1. Pre-Membership Seminar
2. Processing & Submission of Complete Requirements as follows:

  • Electrical Lay-out/Electrical Plan duly signed by licensed PEE and municipal engineers.
  • Electrical Permit
  • Fire Department Certificate
  • Zoning Certificate (Bislig, Hinatuan and Lingig Area only)
  • Supporting Document/s of Zoning Certification (Tax Declaration, Land Title or Authorization from the Landowner)
  • Certificate of Final Inspection (Bislig Area only)
  • Membership Form
  • Assessment BHWE Form (SURSECO-I Form) with signatures over the printed name of the applicant and accredited barangay electrician

    Only SURSECO-I accredited Barangay Electricians are authorized to perform the actual housewiring installation at the consumer’s dwelling.

3. Clearance

4. Payment of Membership & Consumer Deposit

  • Membership Fee of PhP 5.00
  • Consumer Deposit for residential consumer, a minimum bill deposit of PhP 200.00
  • Consumer Deposit for commercial consumer, a minimum bill deposit of PhP 300.00 depending on the total load consumption based on electrical lay-out/plan.

5. Releasing of Turn-on Order for Energization (inspection of pedestal if applicable)

Note: Energization of the applied establishment/residence is within seven (7) working days, but may extend depending on the weather and other factors.

File your Application Early

The estimated length of time from processing your Application to the connection of service is a minimum of 2 days. The estimate does not include the time you will take to install your own housewiring installation of your service entrance and the processing of Electrical Permits by the government agencies.

Thus, applicants are advised to process your Application ahead of time, not at the time when you already need power or you are already transferring to your new house or building.