BLEP 2023

BLEP 2023 aims to enhance the existing distribution line system to improve its efficiency in the delivery of power. This is also particularly helpful in areas with relatively high load growth due to influx of businesses such as in the Municipality of Hinatuan where tourism is thriving. For BLEP 2023, power lines from Brgy. Tabon to Lawigan and Brgy. Cambatong to Baculin will be enhanced to three phase lines, benefitting passby sitios such as Puroks 1,3 and 8 Labisma in Bislig City; and Puroks 1,4 and 5 in Baculin, Hinatuan.

Indigent households within the said line enhancements may apply as beneficiaries to the program. The BLEP 2023 is a program of the National Government thru the National Electrification Administration.

Supply of Labor and Materials for the Improvement of Distribution Lines – BLEP
Barangay Tabon to Lawigan, Bislig City
Passby Sitios: Puroks 1,3, & 8, Labisma, Bislig City
PhP 16,793,702.76
Barangay Cambatong to Baculin, Hinatuan
Passby Sitios: Puroks 1, 4, & 5, Baculin, Hinatuan
Supply of kWh meters to 187 households 243,100.00
Supply of Labor, Materials, and Service Drop Wire for House Wiring of 187 households 1,226,789.19
TOTAL : PhP 31,422,975.43